About 75

For forty-three years after its completion in 1915, this finely crafted 15-story high-rise office building at the northwestern corner of Public Square served as the headquarters of the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., and was known as The Illuminating Building.

Designed by the architectural firm of Hubbell & Benes, the narrow building mass sports an Italianate design, with a highly decorative and broadly overhanging cornice capping a strict columnar order of base, shaft and capital. Hubbell & Benes had a thriving practice in Cleveland from the late 1800s through the early 1900s. Their significant contributions to the region’s architectural heritage included the YMCA Building (1908), The West Side Market (1912), Wade Park and The Cleveland Museum of Art (1916), and the Ohio Bell Telephone Building (1927).

In 1958, the growing Illuminating Company moved less than a block westward, into its new namesake headquarters, a 22-story, 300-foot tall Modernist slab of glass and aluminum curtain-wall at 55 Public Square. Its former headquarters building still stands as a distinctive and handsome artifact of turn-of-the-Century Revival skyscraper design. 75 Public Square’s other historic neighbors along the northern flank of the Square include both Old Stone Church and the former Society for Savings Building (now restored and adapted as part of the Key Center complex).

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